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 It's a snap to use the Gas Blend iPhone App.  You just "flick in" the prices and octane ratings, hit "Calculate," and the solution is displayed.  By customizing  your octane mix, you can save on gas costs. 

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 Users can earn back the app cost in a couple of fill-ups. There are extensive mathematical formulas supporting the Gas Blend Calculator.  It is designed for the  U.S. Dollars but can be used in international markets as well.  Comments and questions: Go to our Guestbook page.  

 September 16, 2011 Price Update
 Today, in Bristol, Conn. gasoline is priced at $3.799 for 87, $3.999 for 89,  and $4.099 for 93.  On a 18-gallon purchase you save $1.80 by using the Gas  Blend App, or cut costs of Mid-Grade by 10.0 cents per gallon.  By pumping twice, you get the exact same average octane as the posted 89.

 According to the U.S. Department of Energy data, refiners sold 1,291,000,000 gallons of Mid-Grade gasoline in 2009. Theoretically, if those same consumers  using Mid-Grade saved just 7 cents per gallon, the potential savings would equate to $90.4 million per year in the U.S. alone.  See also:
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    Three Quick Steps to Save on Mid-Grade Gasoline Costs
  • Enter the three octane ratings and each of their posted prices.
  • In the "Mode" box, enter either the amount you wish to spend or the number of gallons you wish to buy.
  • Then, click on the "Calculate" button.
                     EXAMPLE  OF  DATA  ENTRY  
                        Prices based on 30-station sample in 2010
                         EXAMPLE OF SOLUTION  DISPLAY                      

 Cost Savings Results and Proof of Two-Pump Method
 The Gas Blend App calculates the following gallons of Premium and Regular 
 to pump to get the same average octane as the posted 89 Mid-Grade: 
- Pump 4.197 gallons of 93 octane-rated Premium gasoline 
- Pump 8.395 gallons of 87 octane-rated Regular gasoline
- Total gallons pumped = 12.592 gallons
 4.197(93) + 8.395(87) = 12.592(89)
1,200.686 = 1,200.686
You pump twice and obtain the same number of gallons of the posted Mid-Grade gasoline.  However, the cost of the Pump-Twice method is $36.00 which  is less than the posted Mid-Grade cost of $36.88.  Therefore, by using the Pump-Twice method, your cost of Mid-Grade gasoline has been cut by $0.88 on a  12.92 gallon purchase.

 Here are the savings you would get for various number of gallons pumped:
 Gallons          Savings (compared to posted Mid-Grade)
    10                     $0.70
    12.582                0.88 (example above)
    15                       1.05  
    20                       1.40
    30                       2.10
    40                       2.80
 The current higher prices tend to generate savings of about 9-10 cents per gallon.  

 Custom Octane Mix
 Some Gas Blend users want to customize their Mid-Grade octane to a blend blend not posted by the station. For example, if there are 4 octane choices      (8789, 91, and 93) and you want 14 gallons of 92, you do the following: 
  • Enter the posted Premium (93) and Regular (87) octane grades and and prices.
  • Specify your target octane of 92  as the Mid-Grade octane on the Calculator (don't enter any price).  
  • Select the "Gallon Mode" and enter 14. [You can also use the Price Mode for Custom Blends.)
  • Solution display gives you the number of gallons of Premium and Regular to pump to get your target 92 octane.  
  • The solution page shows the total price of your purchase and your average price per gallon.  
  • Disregard the savings data on the solution page since you did not select the station's posted Mid-Grade octane gasoline.
 Using the same data as in our iPhone App display above, here is the information the App displays for your Custom Blend:
  • 11.667 gallons of 93 octane Premium
  • 2.333 gallons of 87 octane Regular
  • Total cost of purchase: $41.71
  • Average price per gallon for 92 custom blend: $2.979
 And here is the proof:
 11.667(93) + 2.333(87) = 14(92)
                            1,288 = 1,288

 Current example of cutting gas costs here: 
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